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I really don’t believe that world peace is impossible it’s very much possible people just believe that it’s so impossible that it overcomes the opportunity for it to happen … if everyone focused on it & gave enough of a fuck about it, it can be very much possible … people wanna blame human nature for the reason why it’s not possible & that’s straight fuckery human nature gives us all the tools & will, to make ANYTHING possible people are just too small minded & one sided for all that I guess.

"I’m not even gonna argue with you!"
-A girl that has been arguing for 30 minutes.  (via senorhoudini)
Is it real or …. ?

How do you not allow your happiness to depend on the person you love when they’re the one thing that makes you the happiest ? I mean really, I’d like to know because .. if they’re sadness hurts you to the core … & if when you’re sad you just wanna be close to them how can’t it depend on them ? like … if they’re you’re happy place does that mean they’re exempt from “don’t depend on anyone for you’re happiness” or do you just have problems within yourself ?